The new Eminem, Dr Dre & 50 Cent track “Crack a Bottle” is out and…uh…eh. All 3 of these guys have had their days in the sun, owned their empires, and like the Brits have seen these rap empires crumble. Sure, they’re all still richer than Dick Cheney in a Costa Rican whorehouse, but honestly — who gives a poop. Whoever’s really anticipating what these guys are coming out with are stuck in a land before time. Maybe there’s some hope Dre’s got some genius left in those over-roided shoulders of his, and maybe Marshall can still summon a ridiculous mindbending verse from deep in his psyche (we can all agree 50’s dead, right?), but I’m thinking Em’s soon-to-be-released R3lapse is prolly just gonna be a collection of more forgettable tracks that continue to rhyme “models” and “bottles”. Wow, what’s next Marshall — you gonna rhyme Texas with Lexus? Trigger and N*gger? Clever, man…

Check the song below, or Download it HERE.

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  1. Dino Perlas says:

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  2. Diplo says:

    was i the only one that got to check out the BBC interview with him when he was saying his new album wasnt leaked? that only makes this so much more interesting

  3. thetruth says:

    boy was this fucker wrong haha relapse became crazy hit and was the total opposite of wut wus said here. relapse was an insane album about bloodthirst and drug problems.

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