In the I-Can’t-Believe-This-Is-A-Real-Headline section, our boy Asher Roth was apparently one of the people involved in taking down a self-professed would-be bomber at LAX today. According to his PR:

Rapper Asher Roth and his band were the ones who tackled the bomb scare person at LAX a few hours ago on their plane!  Asher and crew were on their way to L.A from Atlanta to tape a performance on the Carson Daly show tonight.  Attached is a photo taken by his bass player, Chris Llewlyn on flight 110 Atlanta to LA.”

Holy crappers. Sure, you know we like Asher here at LIAS, but I thought that was only cos he rapped really well about boobies (you can still get his DJ Drama mixtape HERE if you’re interested). I had no idea he was an international man of intrigue…or at least of Bomber-Tackling. Anyway, as way of evidence here is the pic below from his bassist’s phone showing the culprit getting removed from the plane. Now that’s some iron-sided, undeniable proof!



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