Everyone’s favorite feisty female Chicago rapper Kid Sister has again delayed her album Dream Date, this time indefinitely. Originally it was supposed to drop last July (on Downtown Recs), then September, then again this February, and now she’s made the decision to hold off completely until the album’s a fully cooked masterpiece. To be honest, this is probably a very good idea. We heard the last version sent to our offices, and we gotta say that it was, well, pretty flat to say the least. It’s not that the music was shit, it’s just that the album had no soul, no character. It was all parsley and peppercorn, without any beef. We know girl can rap, and she’s got enough character to animate an entire Muppet quartet, but it did not show through on what was to be Dream Date. And she knew it. As she told Pitchfork:

I’ve been working on it for about a year. I’ve never done this before, so when I turned in the record in I was pressured by crazy-ass deadlines: My label, Downtown, was rushing the fuck out of me and I was like, “Wait a minute!” The album wasn’t cohesive. I petitioned Downtown to take it back and, apparently, labels don’t really do that. I was like, “What?!” But they let me do whatever I want. I was completely supported from day one, release dates be damned…You only get one shot…it better be good. I don’t wanna look through my scrapbook and say, “God, I wish I would’ve done this differently”… There were a few things about the album that irked me, I couldn’t sleep at all.”

Somehow, SPIN saw fit to give the now-defunct album 4 Stars, which is simply ludicrous (perhaps a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes). Apparently, only a few of the recorded tracks will stay, the rest will go (as will most likely the title, which is probly another good idea). The fact that she has real talent, and a star-dusted roster of alliances (A-Trak is her boyfriend, her Kid Brother is J2K of DJ duo Flosstradamus, and she had a rapper named Kanye perform on her first single, “Pro Nails”), further underscores there is just no reason for her to be rushed into releasing anything sub-par. In this post-M.I.A., post-Santogold world, if Kid Sister wants to put herself on the map she better bring the heat. Congrats on her to have the balls to hold off till she’s got something worthy of taking up your valuable hard-drive space…

Beeper (New Mix) – Kid Sister

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