Not often do we post booby pictures here at LIAS, but usually that’s cos those boobies don’t belong to Olga Kurylenko. Oh lordy lordy. You probly recognize her as the asphalt-melting hot Camille from Quantum of Solace, or maybe you suffered through Hitman (I feel your pain). Anyway, apparently she’s gotten in a whole lotta heat for posing in the Ukrainian version of Maxim. Naked. But really, what’s the problem here? I say once you’re a Bond Girl, nudity should be encouraged, not criticized. Jerks. (via Egotastic!)

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  1. stephen aoalin says:

    i really like olga kurylenko..she is so beautiful that is why i keep collecting her pictures…i hope i can meet her in person and have a date with her….haha…

  2. Rooster says:

    til her ears leak

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