Remember that 21 year-old kid Alex Tew from a few years back that struck gold with his “Million Dollar Homepage” idea. It was basically pet rock 2.0—a simple idea that made lots of money. Dude sold off pixels (companies would pay to advertise) on his website for a buck each. There were a million pixels up for sale—guy is now a millionaire. I remember literally trying to think of some way to rip off that idea in hopes of finding my own pot of gold. Well it’s now a few years down the road and I’ve got like $500 in the bank. I obviously need to think harder, because I’ve been beat, once again—this time by a self-proclaimed, “simple guy”. Dammit. For all of 2009, this dude in the video is selling the upper-half of his body. Each day of the year, at face value, (meaning January 1 cost someone $1 and December 31 will set someone back $365) he’ll be your personal walking billboard—he’ll wear a shirt of your choosing.

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