Perhaps the artwork of TMNK (The Me Nobody Knows) aka Nobody is already familiar to you? His Obama art received a good amount of shine last year. Check out the collection on his Flicr page. I haven’t seen any of his pieces in person, but I’m really digging his style. It’s got a Basquiat feel that resonates with me. Anywho, Nobody is now he’s headed to Washington, DC for the Obama Inauguration. Damn I wish I could be there… can’t really think of a more historic moment in my lifetime. As TMNK puts it:

“For me there’s something more important than my being able to say, ‘Nobody Was There.’ Much like Martin Luther King Jr’s great ‘I Have A Dream’ speech inspired a nation, something Barack Obama said during his campaign has echoed in my head since first hearing it: ‘Together, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.’ Hmmm I thought, which led to me thinking, “Even a nobody like me could make a difference.”

Right on, man. We can all use a bit of that attitude right now. TMNK will be painting a new Obama pix each day for the first 100 Days of his Presidency. He’ll then auction them off on Ebay, and will donate 50% of the proceeds to charity via Ebay’s Giving works. Each day he’ll pick a new charity to be the recipient of his small act of charity. Time will tell if the amount of money raised will be significant. If you ask me it doesn’t really matter, though—at the low end it’ll hopefully inspire others to think of ways they too can make a differnce. Check his site for updates…

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