Undefeated is finally ready to release this highly anticipated sneaker collab tomorrow, Jan 24th. A little bird at Undefeated told me the Weapons were pushed back by “unforseen manufacturing issues”— hmmmmm. Originally set for release in November of ’08, you’ve gotta assume its got something to do with the satin fabric, and those velcro-removable Converse logos. Thems are tricky.

These are special to say the least. The original weapons were clunky high-top basketball shoes worn by both Magic and Bird in the 80’s. This ressurection combines features from the original with Converse’s most famous shoe, the All-Star (Chuck Taylors). This gives the shoe a sleek and casual feel. On top of that Undefeated has fitted this hybrid with a black nylon flight satin outer, bright orange canvas lining, and interchangable velcro tags inspired by the Airforce MA-1 bomber jacket. A must-have for any Converse fanatic…actually, make that any sneakerhead, period. (Pssssst…I’m picking mine up today — Whoo hoo!)

Check after the Jump for more pics and a video of the Original Weapon Commercial Circa ’86 (spoiler alert: they rap. Ouch.)…..



This commercial is flat out hilarious. Can you believe how bad Magic raps?? Shit, Kevin McHale raps better…who woulda ever thunk it?

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