Japanese people must be loaded. I admit, I’m not coming at this from the most informed perspective—I’m no mathematician—but 730 Yen must equal like 50 bucks here in the states. Because if these Victor headphones actually cost $730 American dollars that means Japanese fools are dropping like 6,500 Yen for a pair of these. If that’s the case I can’t imagine Victor (that’s JVC x Kenwood in Japan) will selling too many pairs of these. They are beautiful headphones and all, no doubt about it. That housing that looks like wood—it actually is. And it’s carved from a single piece. Put a pair of these on and you’ll be able to detect frequencies beyond what any human ear is capable of. Did Victor just call their customers dogs? They’re equipped with a 24 gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug. Plus there’s a gaggle of other important features they’d probably want you to know. But at the end of the day the details mean nothing…if they are in fact $730 dollars. Plus they’re not released here in the states and plane tickets are expensive.

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