Diesel clothing’s sportier little brother, 55DSL, commissioned NYC based directing and animation studio Tronic to produce a short film to open its fall fashion show in Italy, and flagship store exhibition.

Here’s a statement from Vivian Rosenthal, one of the founders of Tronic, about the project:

“Diesel is a very forward thinking, creative brand and we were essentially given an open brief; the only caveat being that we work with a checker pattern, which is a central design element of the latest 55DSL collection. Otherwise we were free to interpret the patterns any way we liked.” Rosenthal continues, “We decided to explore the idea that someday patterns might be woven or imprinted directly onto your skin. The film exploits the theoretical conceit that our skin is our personal clothing and that future fashions might be embedded patterns or mapped on particles.”

Obviously you give Tronic a little creative freedom and you get something remarkable.

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