Too much of a good thing can be a bad. Who wouldn’t like a nice pair of jeans and a denim jacket? It goes down hill fast when you try and rock those two together. Same goes with this wallpaper; I don’t know about rocking it all over an entire room, but I can see it on one of my walls.

New York Designer Aimée Wilder must be doing something right, she’s got a guy interested in buying wallpaper. She has this and some other wallpaper designs on sale via her website that are worth a peep. She’s just signed a licensing agreement with Vans to feature three of her designs on shoes and accessories—look for the products on the Vans website in March.

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  1. […] My friend Patrick made a nice post yesterday on Graphic Hug about the wallpaper that you can see here. Thanks Patrick! There’s also a good write-up on Lost In A Supermarket from yesterday here. […]

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