Mr Chi City really seems to be blowing up. Dude even has his own line of tshirts, for chrissakes (if anybody ever wanna get the Madman a “Hit Em With a Freeezpop” tshirt I ain’t gonna be mad…notice they misspelled Freezepop. Dude may have a vocab, but his spelling is suspect at best). Can’s say I’m hating tho, his vids are hilarious. The McDonalds Millionaire above is still one of my faves. The best part is the guy at the McD’s drive-thru, almost as if he’s in on the whole thing. I’m loving it.

“What the hells you doin’?”

Some tributes after the Jump…

When watching these atrocious “tributes”, it’s important to note just how bad they are. It ain’t as easy as it looks running around going “Bam!” and pointing at stuff…

Check check

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  2. Cletus Lofty says:

    Opinions are like WeedStories, everyone has one. If you jump on over to the WeedStories website, you’ll see a bunch of super funny stories involving marijuana. You probably even have one of your own.

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