Every man should have a couple watches in his arsenal. If you can afford it, you should have one top-tier watch. Me, I rock a Breitling…knockoff. Sure, I’d wear a real one if my dayjob running chicken fights in East LA paid more than a cobbler’s pittance, but whatcha gon do. That’s the cards I was dealt. Then, one should have a couple mid-level watches to wear when bling isn’t appropriate — me, I like my Nixons. Looking like a mid-tier watch, but actually costing entry-level prices, are FLUD watches.

But as good as FLUD’s prices are (about $90 for the above “Boombox”), it’s their designs that really separate them from the yawn-inducing hordes. I wore the Boombox out last Friday and got asked about it like every 7 minutes. Yeah, it’s kinda flashy but not in an obnoxious way…or at least, not in a humorless way. I especially dig the old school red alarm clock digits. They got about a dozen designs, but Boombox and Tableturns — in the shape of a Technics 1200 — are the coolest. Also, they come in miniature glass and metal flight cases so you can leave ’em on your bureau and they look all snazzy.

Tableturn design below, including flight case. More pics, plus the Gunmetal & Gold Boombox only available at Karmaloop, after the Jump…



The Gunmetal & Gold Karmaloop edition…






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