Looking for the perfect gift for that stoner musician / home jewelry maker / experimental IDM producer  / listless pot dealer in your life? Do you call that guy “boyfriend” by any chance? Well  Turntable Lab will sell your dude a portable Theremin by Gakken for a low $154 — pretty sweet. You know this instrument from old alien movies, whenever they show the UFO flying around. Or if you listen to Tool. From the Lab:

This unique instrument require no-contact from the player and uses 2 antennas to sense your hands position which control the frequency oscillators and volume. It can produce some real alien sounding effects, or can mimic a violin pretty well (with some practice). This particular model features volume trim, master volume, pitch trim, an external output to connect to an amp, its own speaker and is battery operated so you can make music and perform anywhere.

Runs on only 4 AA batteries, but be forewarned: Included instructions come entirely in Japanese. Konichiwa, bitches!

A schematic and couple more pics after the Jump…



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