I think I was too trigger happy with that earlier Comedy Fridays post; I should’ve waited to see this late night gem. It’s Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman and man is he coming across like a total douche. I’m not the biggest JP fan to begin with — I think dude is radically over-rated. I mean, he was aiight in that Jonny Cash movie, but I mean We Own the Night? Pssssh, c’mon. Here he is accomplishing his finest performance yet: pretending to be a tortured artist. Dude get over yourself — why’d you even bother going on the show? Dave handles it like a pro though…

“And Joaquin, I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight…”

UPDATE: Apparently Joaquin’s people are putting the kibosh on CBS to kill all Youtube links, but the one above from CNN remains (for now). They also did a great job of compiling Letterman’s 10 Most Disatrous Interviews of all time. Enjoy!

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  1. LiL\’Wayne The Best Rockstar Alive

  2. she?s cool, she got talent, but damn nivea?put down the prozac, it?s like she got ADHD in fast foward!!

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