We’re probably not going to send anyone into apoplectic shock over here by saying we love this calender. I mean, it combines two things we hold dear to our hearts here at LostInaSupermarket: Nerds and Boobs. It’s a powerful combination…well, it’s not really a combination I suppose, as one is infinitely more powerful than the other. In fact, one could destroy the other with simply a cool breeze and flimsy blouse. So I guess it’s like combining a Bugatti Veyron with a freshly hatched chicklette. One’s just not gonna make it.

But I digress. Nerdcore has put out their 2009 Calender and it’s the perfect present for that guy living in your mom’s basement, aka your brother Steve (available for $25). This year, the theme is Sci Fi films, hence all the models are dressed like your favorite Sci Fi characters. The fun is trying to figure out who’s who without ogling it like a creepy pedo. I don’t think it’s quite as hot as last year’s Heroes & Villians, but who’s complaining.

Shot by  Cherie  Roberts  and designed by artist  Jason Adam, these 12″ x 18″ calenders come complete with all sorts of important NERD DATES, including: over one hundred important holy days for geeks; major movie releases; conventions like San Diego Comic-Con; anniversaries for major franchises and cult classics; birthdays for genre favorite creators, actors, writers, and directors; and key fictional happenings. Is it weird that I have 3?

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