I just got the complete CD of POS‘s Never Better in the mail, and man is it bad ass. This is the type of clever, inspired, forward-thinking packaging that makes the difference between downloading off of some BitTorrent site and going out to your local Mom n’ Pop joint (are there any of those left?) and laying out some cold hard cash. Peep the video above for a complete breakdown, but suffice to say it’s a really clean combo of transparent plastics, lyrics, and illustrations you can combine in all sorts of wackiness.

And for the record, the album is excellent. It’s not just a pretty package. Part of the Doomtree collective, P.O.S. does delve a bit too much into Linkin Park territory at times for my liking — but it’s understandable given his Minnesota punk roots, and his beloved stature on the Warped Tour. Plus, it’s only on a couple tracks. Otherwise, the beats and production are as creative and genre-pushing as the album artwork.

Never Better dropped Feb 3rd on Rhymesayers. Check out “Goodbye” below for a taste, and the video for “Drumroll” after the Jump…..

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