30 Apr
The Signing Marks A Two-Album Deal With The Label


When Warp released Arrhythmia back in 2002 I had that shit on repeat for a while. Same deal when Beans dropped his solo album. I’m super stoked to find out that my seven-year Anti-Pop Consortium wait is over—their new album Fluorescent Black, will be released on 09/09/09. Major news. Word has it that 2/3 of the album is already in the can.

Here’s a statement from the group about getting back together:

“We needed time to grow and mature as artists individually. Now that we have assessed our strengths and weaknesses, we are ready to re-form stronger and better than we have ever been before. The chemistry that we have together makes for exceptional music. It’s time to return.”

Cheers to that!

Here’s “Silver Heat,” a cut from their first album. Enjoy…

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