22 Apr
Like Noriega, But Actually Says Stuff


We’re kind of big fans of Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip, which is why we don’t care that their album Angles came out last fall. It was dope, and Scroobius lays down some pretty mental verses that make Slug sound like Noriega after smoking too much PCP, and all he can say is, “Whut?” till you can’t stand it any more. Our girl Kalamity Jane ran into Scroobius, stopped him in the street and decided to make fun of his ample facial hair growth…that shit ain’t cool, Jane. Why you gotta pick on a man’s barbarian beard? Still, we’ll print your interview only cos we like you…

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What, if any, routines apply to how you get down and dirty to the task of writing?

There is no routine, really. It’s a gradual thing. I write a lot into my phone so a lot of the time it’s saved bits and pieces over the months that will end up being songs.

Was there any song that was just difficult to get out, either emotionally or technically?

“Magician’s Assistant”. It is always an intense, emotional and serious experience. It is gathered from people I know who have done themselves harm. I have never personally harmed myself like that — I don’t want to do the subject any injustice.

What is your favorite word already existing in the English language?

That’s hard. I would have easily gone with ‘juxtaposition’, but I have the memory of this one photography teacher who used to say it a lot. He’d say it with this motion of slicking back his hair that ruined it for me. But I do seem to like those words that have an indefinite amount of syllables. Maybe a word like ‘drawer’. You don’t really know if there is one syllable or if there are two.

So what’s with the beard?

Nothing, really. I just fancied growing a beard. I was actually touring the UK, and living out of a van at the time. It was just easier to have a beard.

Has it ever gotten in the way of any habitual daily chores? Dishes, laundry, porn surfing?

Not particularly. It can get a bit awkward when I’m asleep with my girlfriend.

Do birds nest in there?

No. It’s actually pretty well groomed. It’s very soft to the touch. I put conditioner in it.

Referring back to the lyrics of “Thouh Shalt Always Kill”, why the hatorade on Danny Glover? What’s Stephen Frye really got that he ain’t got?

It’s nothing at all against Danny Glover, it actually just rhymed. If anything, it’s a compliment to Danny Glover, outshining Lethal Weapon.

Of the 16 bands mentioned in “Thou Shalt Always Kill”, which would you think would make ideal opponents to fight to the death in a Roman Coliseum-type spectator showdown setting? And I mean without musical instruments — all grit and muscle, battle axes and spears.

I’d like to battle Minor Threat. I like Minor Threat. If I were to be killed by a band, I’d like to be killed by Minor Threat. Or perhaps the Beach Boys, a peaceful seeming bunch, should go up against the Sex Pistols…Either that, or everyone should just rip apart Oasis.

If you were lost in a supermarket, in which aisle would we find you?

On an aisle which has both pizza and ice cream. I can’t wait to see the Ben & Jerry’s selection here.

Interview by Kalamity Jane

“Thou Shalt Always Kill”

“The Beat That My Heart Skipped”

“Magician’s Assistant”, the track that gave Scroobius a screaming headache:

Attempting to audition for UK’s X-Factor

Album cover for Angles, from Strange Famous Records:


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