I heard mixed things about Etienne de Crecy‘s set at Coachella this year — some loved it, some said the tunes were boring. All were in agreement, however, that his stage setup and lighting were 36DD titties. I missed all of it, as we were catching Roni Size thinking EdC would remain till after Roni closed down. No dice—de Crecy ended about 10 mins before Size did. Crap. I really liked his Commercial EP, so I no doubt would’ve loved to see this live.

Here’s the model test for his set up, and if his set was half as cool as this then I really, really missed out. Apparently he controls all the lights and action himself from his turntable setup. It is bonkers. The French company Exyzt created the full-color LED fabric, which is wrapped around a cage.

The model test (with de Crecy’s “Fuck” as soundtrack):

Check it out live, at Summercase 2008, after the Jump…

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