27 Apr
The High Baroque Of Vinyl Recordings


I love books. I love vinyl. I want Extraordinary Records when it comes out in May via Taschen. All hail the picture disc. Produced in collaboration with Colors magazine, the book features some of the most sought after vinyl artifacts ever produced. It’s a treasure trove. Over 400 pieces pulled from the private collection from Alessandro Benedetti and Peter Bastine—two guys that couldn’t be more serious about the medium. They dug deep for this one. Benedetti began collection records in 1981, and now has 8,000 discs, including 1,200 colored vinyl discs in his library. Even The Guinness Book of Records gave guy a nod for his arsenal. Bastine’s collection has been the subject of several European exhibitions. Let Giorgio Moroder (would new wave, house, techno and electronic music in general even be what it is today without this guy right here?) wax a little poetic about the art of vinyl and you’ve got something worthy of collecting. Even hip-hop heads tip their hat to this guy…his song “Tears” was sampled and used as the basis of the DJ Shadow song “Organ Donor” on his 1996 album Endtroducing; His Song “E=MC2” was sampled and used for J. Dilla’s song of the same title; the theme from Midnight Express was sampled by OutKast for their song “Return of the Gangsta”’ Moroder’s opening theme from the film Scarface is sampled by Nas and Mobb Deep for the track “It’s Mine.”

Here’s a Giorgio Moroder promo video I found on YouTube. Classic. Respect the stash!

A few more pix from the book:

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