30 May
There’s More To Do In P-Town Than The Gay Bars And Gay Pubs And Stuff


Just discovered Kevin Cyr’s work and I really like the cultural undertones and how guy makes the old and dilapidated look so damn fresh. How rad is that hybrid bike / rickshaw thing below. Tell me that doesn’t look like a vehicle caught someplace between classic Americana and a ride you’d see on the streets of India or China or something. He’s part of a group show going on right now with 12 other artists: Liza Bingham, Ed Christie, Kevin Cyr, Cathleen Daley, Alice Denison, Joerg Dressler, Robert Glisson, Robert Morgan, Mark Palmer, Linda Reedy, Anne Salas, and Laurence Young, so if find yourself in the Cape Cod area this summer (in the gay-friendly oasis of Provincetown, MA to be exact) anytime between now and June 11…you now have something to do. The Alden Gallery, duh. Or you could go to the gay bars and gay pubs and stuff. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s why you wanna go. It is the destination of choice for gay travel. Or so word has it. But if you are planning on hitting up P-Town this summer to get your smile on (yr gayness?), you’ll probably be there on the 4th of July weekend for “Circuit Week”—cuz that’s when shit really starts popping off. That’s what I hear at least.

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