27 May
Eyes Wide Shut Meets Harajuku Cuckoo


Fashion design/artist Shin Murayama recently released these elaborately detailed fabric and seashell masks exclusively for the IDLM Gallery (I Don’t Like Mondays). Great name, btw. The IDLM Gallery is a project focused on offering rare fashion pieces. Think wearable art. Each piece on display in the IDLM Gallery is a one-of-a-kind garment. As in only one was ever created. Even better than some originality, all proceeds from these masks will go to Designers Against Aids.

Considering the good cause and all, I hope the sell out. Chances are, call me crazy, but I’m not sure if a mask featuring toes with a ring, or a long blue sock protruding from seashell teeth will ever catch on big here in the states. This is some Eyes Wide Shut meets Harajuku Cuckoo right here. Who knows, though…perhaps Cory Kennedy, while hanging with Jeremy Scott and a Nylon Fashion Week party, will have her picture taken by Mr. Cobrasnake and blammo…


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