26 May
Two Things Typically Kept At Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum


Booze and violence are usually two things you like to keep at opposite ends of the spectrum but no one told Jonathan Sabine that. He rolled both worlds up in one (rather nicely too), with his Bourgeois Brass Knuckle Screw for Chromoly. There were only 50 made and each one comes in a laser etched handmade walnut box. The use of the Bourgeois font is a nice touch, as well. They were released at Ministry of the Interior in Toronto on Friday May 15th and will set you back $100 CAD. What’s that, like a million USD? Sadly, it doesn’t really matter to me cuz this item won’t be shipped over the border.

You can buy pick these Ninja Tacks via their Big Cartel store, though. It’s a simple re-imaged, essential office tool. Only $12 bucks too.


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