Sure, this might not be as cool as the iSnort App, but you can still be the life of the party. Forget your blow horn at home? Deleted your gunshot sample from your MacBook accidentally? No worries! Diplo’s here to save the day, offering all the annoying DJ party tools in one convenient application. (Download it HERE for freezy!)

Note to Low B: Please exercise restraint homie! Just cos you got an air raid siren does not mean you gotta make it sound like Dresden circa 1945! Sometimes less is more…

Diplo explaining his MAD DECENT app whilst smoking suspicious-looking cigarettes…

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  2. […] Come Thursday morning we were driving to Stansted to meet up with our TM Grant, and some other friends of the band, to fly out to Morocco where our manager Mr James Hornsmith was getting married. It was an incredible weekend of amazing colours and history and lots of dancing. We were particularly taken with some of the percussion and horns played at the wedding. Martyn quite rightly pointed out some of it sounded like Diplo. Maybe we can slip a sample or two onto the next record. (Phone App Sample Action) […]

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