26 May
They Just Lowered Their Bar Rather Than Raising The Roof.


Coming up with a definitive list of a 100 of the most creative peeps in business has got to be crazy hard. The fact that Tyler Perry made Fast Company’s list is proof of that—or it says that Fast Company’s editorial staff lives in some sort of Bizzaro World. Because “creativity” implies a dose of originality, vision for something better and is usually executed with brilliance. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t use any of those adjectives when describing Madea Goes to Jail—unless of course I threw an ellipsis in there. Smart? Yea, I’ll give him that… dumb people don’t usually get the opportunity to exploit others. Fast Company you just lowered their bar rather than raising the roof. Or God really is on Perry’s side?

The list isn’t complete shit, though. Kaws made it. But if I were a betting man I’d say Banksy was on the list before him until they realized they couldn’t get access to dude. Or they had no intension on including any sorta “street” artist until Marc Jacobs told them about Kaws. They probably only knew about Jacobs from watching “The Hills” too. That fucking show ruins everything.

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