27 May
Almost as much fun as adrenochrome.


Designer Jonathan Baldwin created a limited edition boardgame based on Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, cleverly titled the Fear and Loathing boardgame. How limited? Well, it costs $3500 so pretty damn limited I’m thinking. I’m not even sure how you’d play this game, but with the copious drugs and tiny plastic figures, what’s there not to like? Although looking at the figures below, it just looks like he took some Homies plastic figures and painted them — that certainly doesn’t look anything like Raoul Duke, nor Gonzo himself. What gives?

Apparently, every game requires a “sitter” that makes sure everyone’s ok, and drives them around to finish all needed activities. A sample of an activity:

“Attend a carnival or fair of some kind. If you can’t find one, everyone must walk backwards around the neighborhood.”

Again, not sure what that has to do with Fear & Loathing, but I guess it beats charades. Thanks to Boing Boing. A couple more detail pics of instructions and cards after the Jump





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  1. Good info. I’ve got to express though that in terms of games, I’m still old school and adore monopoly. What is your favorite?

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