27 May
Apparently It All Starts With A Xerox Machine


I really like how Jim O’Raw’s work looks both rough and refined at the same time. How it has this myth, fairy tale, symbolism, thing going on between the layers. It’s almost Pagan-like at times. Super relative too given the all hype around Angels & Demons, Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown. Apparently it all starts with a Xerox machine. Dude has some mad photocopy skills.

Since I don’t know much about Mr. Jim O’Raw and he was kind enough to write down a few words about himself I figured I’d share.


If you get a second, check out his site. “Tasty Birds” comes recommended if you like a little raunchiness. I was most impressed, though, with seeing how his work/aesthetic has progressed over the years. Look at his street art type stuff in the older galleries (2004) and where he’s at right now.

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