19 May
Turning Cotton Into Canvas


Not sure how you’re living life these days, but my checking account balance tells me that shopping in Shibuya isn’t really an option. I’ve got like $100 extra dollars to spend, which wouldn’t even cover the cab ride from the airport into town. Doesn’t look like I’ll be diving into Tokyo’s fashion capitol anytime soon. Bummer cuz that place is pretty sweet. The good news, that $100 bucks burning a hole in my pocket will get me four t-shirts at Graniph thanks to the fact that they’ll ship your order to you for free if you spend 10,000 yen or more. Can’t complain about that.

Graniph is kinda similar to Blood Is The New Black or Threadless in the sense that cotton becomes the canvas for the artists/graphic designers they bring in (Tado, Jon Burgerman, Staple Design, Build, Non-Format, Just Another Rich Kid, Jeremyville are just a few of the names that jumped out at me) to rock out special t-shirt designs. If you’re into tees as much as I am this site is a goldmine. Here are a few of my faves:

Gianni Rossi Vol.2 (above)
Born in Cesena, Italy, Gianni Rossi is a graphic designer and illustrator who currently resides in Bologna. His work centers on print material such as logos, CD/LP covers and movie posters, as well as designs for apparel and websites. Over the last few years he has focused on music related projects and has recently designed posters for Cornelius, White Stripes, Daft Punk and Bjork.

James Joyce vol.2 (below)
James Joyce is a London based artist and designer. His work uses bold hand drawn lines and graphic shapes, and often includes typography and strong colors (not the case with this design) to produce powerful images. At the start of 2006 he founded his own studio One Fine Day where he produces limited edition prints of his work as well as taking on commissions from the likes of Penguin books, Nike and Creative Review.

Adam Dedman vol.1 (below)
Born in 1986, illustrator Adam Dedman is currently studying graphic design at University College Falmouth in Cornwell while working freelance. He has a passion for drawing, typography, printmaking and beards.


Reluctant Hero vol.1 (below)
Reluctant Hero is the designer couple Sheilen Rathod & Peter Manning. Their studio is based in Newcastle, UK. They work for various projects in the fashion and graphic world and their client list reaches from Calvin Klein, the Tokyo Project to Dazed & Confused.


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