13 May
A Little Bit Of Trash Doesn’t Have To Be A Bad Thing


I like the fact that these shots don’t go above the waist. Mostly because I think these tights would look crazy cute on the right girl. And by right I mean over 18 yet young enough to pull these off. A little bit of trash doesn’t have to be a bad thing—expect, of course, when it gets old and starts to stink. They have a bunch of other designs too, check ’em all out here.


One Response to “Les Queues De Sardines”

  1. justjakk says:

    Those are some pretty tights. I don’t think decorations on tights should be captured under the category “trash” though. If worn appropriately, these tights would be cute on any female, any age. It’s not a female’s fault that some guys think pretty things should be exploited.

    And this comes from a guy who appreciates beauty when he sees it.

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