29 May
Welcome To America


If Japanese culture wasn’t so super awesome, I wouldn’t be so damn intrigued by it. What’s not to love about samurais, sushi, love hotels and advanced technology? I also happen to be a big fan of printed matter, which is why this caught my eye. Tokyo based Star Graphics (formed in 2003) are releasing their first issue of Megane-Zine. The name Megane, btw, means glasses in Japanese. The book is all about introducing young Japanese artists to an American audience. It’s kinda like a portfolio. The debut issue will also include 6 major artists from the USA.

When: Saturday, May 30, 2009 At 07:00 PM
: Alchemysts (125 W. 4th St., Los Angeles 90013)
Entertainment: Le Branche will be DJing and playing live

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, check the HVW8 store or Family.

Some of the artists in the 1st Megane Zine:

Anamachy Painting (below): It is a art group in Tokyo. They created a lot of works of art using paint, advertisements and more. They are also artisans of painting. (Featured on pages 1-6)


Yu Nagaba (below): He was born in 1976 in Tokyo and is a graphic artist. He created a lot of graphics for clothes, TV show, websites and more. (Featured on pages 7-12)


Yusuke Hanai (below): He exhibited in an art show “The Happening” in an art show NYC and “The Greenroom Festival” in Japan. (Featured on pages 13-18)


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  1. Jojo says:

    the event was real dope! the artists was real cool and the store was good too same Comme des Garçons people i think, and i also checked Le Branché crew, with that band i think it was Panthere and they are amazing and real raw. I Don’t really know where they are from but WOW! L.A needs more shits like that!

  2. I think the guy that ran the Comme des Garçons store also put this show on. It was a good time, indeed. I picked up a copy of the magazine and got a free prin toot, which the artist was happy to sign. And I agree about Panthere / Le Branché… which is why we’re doing an interview and photo shoot with them. Stay tuned…

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