29 May
Gotta Give It Up For The Memorable Name


WTF is a paper bicycle? I’ve seen bikes made of hardwood and bamboo, but paper would be a first. And as far as I know it still has yet to be done. These bikes aren’t made from paper—they use steel. But you’ve gotta give it up to Nick Lobnitz for coming up with a memorable name. The name Paper might have something to do with you being able to design what’s printed on the chain panel. The idea behind the bike is to have a low maintenance, easy to ride, one size fits all, classic looking ride—it even comes with puncture resistant balloon tires. The Paper Bicycle will be available early in June 2009.

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  1. The paper bicycle remains uninvented. In fact it is the metaphor for the nexct big thing oin any industry. the thing that is always at the end of the product roadmap that cannot be done. The holy grail. the thing every innovator wants to make happen but does not have the first idea where to start. the paper bicycle, is a noumenon. Buy th book at lulu

  2. Frits B says:

    The response from “the paper bicycle” is misleading. The bike does exist, see http://workcycles.com/workbike/bicycles/simple-city/paper-bicycle.html. Don’t know details, though.

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