11 May
It's Better Than A Video Game Design and Development Program at TriOS College


The idea of learning how to skratch from DJ Qbert sounds pretty sweet. I’m not even particularly interested in the craft, but guy does hold a few DMC Championships. Instruction from a master is never a bad thing. Plus I’m not working right now and if I listen to what smart folk tell me, it’s a great time to go back to school and increase my skill set. Sadly, Qbert Skratch University is an online course. Granted, a diploma from Skratch University probably holds more weight than a Video Game Design and Development program at TriOS College. But, it does beg a few legitimacy questions. If you really suck, will QBert kick your untalented ass outta the skoolz? I wanna make sure they’re not just throwing out diplomas all willy nilly to everyone with a checkbook. Do you even get an actual diploma? More importantly, does Qbert offer some kinda job assistance program if you successfully complete his course? What’s his placement rate? Do 80% of the students become working DJs right away? It can’t be that great given the fact that this particular art of DJing has taken a popularity nosedive. I want to know for sure that I’m not just going to be another Invisibl Skratch Piklz trying to earn a buck in this world.

If, after watching the video below, you’re still up in the air about whether or not to fork over your hard earned cash, and hopefully, come out the other side with a new skill, they do offer FREE Butter Rugs to the first 100 subscribers to sweeten the deal. Just in case you were on the fence.

2 Responses to “Qbert Skratch University”

  1. Yousef says:

    Their website is not secure. Anyone who signs up for qbertskratchuniversity.com will have their credit card information transmitted in plain text for any would-be hacker to grab. It is extremely irresponsible of them and probably is illegal. DO NOT sign up for this site unless you want to be a victim of identity theft.

  2. You are absolutely incorrect about the security of this site. The site has a secure certificate, its registration is secure and NO information is shared or at risk. Shame on you for putting something like this up on the internet. That’s irresponsible of you. Please remove your comment as it is patently false.

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