13 May
More Marblecake for your Ghetto Tabernacle


Shallah Raekwon the Chef is back, this time modernizing his game with a free mixtape to whet the people’s appetite for the much anticipated Cuban Linx II LP (can you even call it “much anticipated” when kids have been waiting for like 12 years?). No reason to intro the Chef — you’re either a Wu fan hoping this is the shit or you don’t care. If you’re the former, you’re in luck — Blood On the Chefs Apron is solid; always good to hear Rae’s voice talking babble over a nice beat. Download right HERE for free.

Also, been listening a bit to U-God’s free mixtape, Bring Back God, from Frank. Much better than I expected, I gotta say…

Setlist and backcover after the Jump

UPDATE: A little video below showing the Chef ain’t just a nickname, from Xclusiveszone:


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