6 May
From An Installation At Brooklyn Academy Of Music, New York


I’ve got so many records that I don’t want anymore. They’re just sitting on shelves collecting dust. Shit I haven’t pulled out in years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Well, at least I’d hope my current taste in music doesn’t succumb to its unrefined past. Amoeba probably doesn’t want them, either. They tend not to buy crap.

If I had half the artistic inclination as Jean Shin flexes right here, I’d melt those fuckers down into my own “Sound Wave” sculpture of sorts. If my childhood taught me anything I’m fully capable of melting things. Like that whole brigade of toy soldiers that was nuked (at around 450 degrees Fahrenheit) on a cookie sheet into a thin layer of plastic in moms oven. But if I  had real talent, and a keen eye for aesthetics (like designer Dominic Wilcox), I would have melted and sculpted those little plastic fighters down into a bowl.

That’s it; I’ll melt all my old vinyl records into bowls. I’m sure Ready Made magazine has a good 411 on that. Plus, I have idea where the hell I’d put a 5’ x 7’ cascading wave of melted vinyl records in my house? Does anyone need to buy 1000s of bowls made from vinyl?


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