8 May
Hunting With The Camera


I hate it when people wear socks with sandals. It’s an unnatural union of nature and modern civilization. Unnatural can be appealing, though. Like when a massive lion steps onto shag carpet in a neatly furnished apartment. Concocted? Indeed. But Stijn&Marie, the photography twosome from Holland, have a knack for merging visions of nature and modern civilization in stunningly sharp images. Harmony.

Their ongoing series on Shirley Kurata, the quirky stylista the two consider their muse, are some of my favorites. Apparently Stijn&Marie ran into Shirley at a party in Los Angeles and were fascinated. They introduced themselves but never exchanged numbers and later realized she was the one. Needless to say they tracked her down and have been working with her ever since. “All the pictures we do with her, are related to her and her life. All the locations are part of her life, and all the dresses she is wearing, belong to her,” so says them about their muse.

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