28 May
Fighting For Freedom Against The Tyrannical Club World


If you’re into the sample-driven sounds of Radio Soulwax and the crate digging disco skills of folks like Idjut Boys and Pilooski (and boy am I) then you’ll no doubt enjoy the forgotten fragments of music that Kool DJ Dust digs up and gives new life to. Guy went on an archeology mission sampling and editing together super obscure disco gems into 19 rockers. You can peep some of the tracks on the MySpace page. Taking it one step further, he got artist Jimmy Gustavsson to visualize the galactic drama as a graphic story. The Disco Opera was originally issued in 2006 in extremely limited editions via the small Stockholm Company High Feelings. But in late September (2008) Sweedish label Service re-released it. The basic idea: “Kool DJ Dust is searching distant planets in his quest for the magic record that’ll save the city from the dark reign of Dr. Sorryass Copycat’s army of streamlined DJs that quenches everybody’s high feelings.”

Download the track “Quest” here.

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