26 Jun
A Fine Line Between Man, Woman And Machine


This is a pretty badass video from Bobby Evans’ Delicious Vinyl single “Freak-A-Zoid Robotz”. The director, Marcus Herring, entered an arcade world with this one. The video’s concept was based on an original arcade game specially designed for the 12-inch artwork for Bobby Evans’ “Freak-A Zoid Robotz.” Anytime robots do choreographed dances and fight 8-bit (hurray for low resolution pixel art) battles to the death I’m pretty much sold. Upping the ante, a full-on 3-D version of the video is set to drop soon. If you have 3-D glasses (maybe dust off the pair you got at Disneyland from Michael Jackson’s EO attraction?) you’ll be able to put them to use. As soon as that 3-D version of the video is available I’ll bring it to you here. Download the Them Jeans remix here.

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