18 Jun
This Is Gold If You’re Into The Whole Obscure Disco Re-Edit Thing


Sadly, I never made it to one of Rub n’ Tug’s Campfire parties, but I had Thomas and Eric’s compilation on Eskimo stuck on repeat for a while. Listening to it kinda makes you feel like you’re right there, smashed up against 300 people at 9 am with a drink in your hand. I pretty much became a loyal fan at that point, which is why this C.O.M.B.i. Records thing on Oki Ni caught my eye—word has it Eric Duncan discovered the label while in Japan. Anywho, Oki Ni just put up some stuff, so if you’re into the whole obscure disco re-edit thing, here’s your chance to score some 12-inches (“Keep A Burning”, “You Got Love Song”, “I Found Morning” and a rare Japan pressing of “Ma Bakes” that features a third secret track) and a DVD featuring footage from the 2008 tour with Eric Duncan, Force of Nature and all the C.O.M.B.i crew. The soundtrack is a live mix by DJ KZA and DJ Kent (aka Force of Nature) at Amrax in Tokyo. The promotional CD features a live mix by Eric Duncan at Mugen in Hiroshima. There’s a few tee shirts for sale too.

2 Responses to “C.O.M.B.i. Records x Oki Ni”

  1. dave says:

    sweet – love the artwork of this stuff – great music

  2. Velia Rishor says:

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