23 Jun
I’m A Cliché Records Celebrates Five Years With Its Very First Compilation


If you enjoy the sounds of Simian Mobile Disco, Yuksek, Bot’Ox, Runaway, Electronicat and Cosmo Vitelli you’ll no doubt get a little high on with this two-disc set—being that this compilations features all new and unreleased tracks from those folks. 5 years of quality tunes seems like a good mark to take a peep back at the road you left behind—as long as you’ve got an eye on the pavement in front of you. And that’s pretty much what Moment Of A Crisis does. The disco is broken up into two parts. The first CD, “Overtime,” highlights the label’s classics (“The Mighty Atom” by Simian Mobile Disco, “Everywhere in Town” by Yuksek, “Crashed Cadillac” by Bot’Ox, “Putting in the Overtime” by Runaway and “Delayer” by Cosmo Vitelli).??The second CD, “Holiday” draws attention to the new and exclusive. All in, it’s a romp through some radical rock’n’roll (The Fear, side project of Milo Smee from English weirdos Chrome Hoof) to surf music (“Purple and Green” by Electronicat or “Grease” by It’s A Fine Line, side project of Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris).?? Being Cosmo Vitelli, of course, the  dancefloor vibe isn’t left behind. The Aussies from The Canyons, the brand new Modular and DFA signature, deliver the killer “Blue Snake”, while the New Yorkers Runaway hit us with “Your League”, crafted with the same dub-house feel that made last year’s release on Matt Edwards’ Rekid imprint a hit. Moments Of A Crisis will be out digitally on July 21, and the physical release is scheduled for September 8. Hit up Cliché Records on MySpace.

Here’s a free download of “Hungry for the Power’” by Azari & III

Video for Moments Of Crisis. It was made by Paris promoter/DJ/photographer Marcos de Santos and features Emmanuel as seen dancing at every I’m A Cliche party for the last two years.

Video for “Crashed Cadillac” by Bot’Ox

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