6 Jun
T-shirts & Tunes


In the world of music consumption it’s rare to see something truly innovative. During my life span the music market has made it’s way through tapes, cd’s, and finally landed in the digital era where you pay just as much for the product with no physical packaging to speak of. No album cover, no jewelcase, no liner notes. All we get today is a Jpeg and some DRM controlled tracks. I don’t know about you, but to me the whole thing feels like I’m being robbed. Friends of Friends have solved the problem. The concept is brilliant: find an artist, and allow them to choose a fellow musician/colleague to collaborate on a six song split. Then, invite all their musician friends to record remixes of the original tracks and choose a visual artist to design a t-shirt that serves as the album cover.

You buy the shirt: you get the album. It’s as simple as that.

For Volume 1 they’ve got the electronic wizards Daedelus and Jogger. The two of them chose the husband and wife art duo of Kozyndan to do the for the shirt, and the remixes are provided by a slew of electronic heavy hitters (Michna, Nosajthing, the list goes on). Expect Vol 2 to drop later this summer with a Larytta/Bauchamp split. Well keep you posted. I promise.

Check out the Friends of Friends/Puma event with Daedelus, Jogger, Peanutbutter Wolf on Thursday June 26th… We’ll be covering it, getting our asses in a boogie…


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