25 Jun
Twist your Hipster to 11


I know, I know. In recent years the Frogskin has taken the stigma of being the quintesential hipster eyewear. They have surpassed the Wayfarer in trendy/streetwear/überhipster crowds due to their mass production and range of colorways. With that in mind I still cant get over a new shiny pair. Oakley have collab’d on the Frogskins with the best of the best; i.e Supreme, Collete, Blends, Original Fake and Andrew Peterson to name a few. These Shaun White ‘skins are some of the dopest out there, the have Blue Chrome frames with Positive Red lenses and good lord are they stunning. Buy them here and don’t sleep on ’em.

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  1. Schibic says:

    Ortale de biguglua 20620

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