19 Jun
Synthetic and Recyclable?


Really digging this series of bags made entirely out of synthetic paper. I haven’t had my hands on one, but the Internet tells me that they’re really light, but super strong and water-resistant. Apparently Dupont© are the folks behind the super material. Although they do state that after Dupont is done doing what ever they do, they then send the mysterious material off to be processed by specialists in several different sites in Germany. Sounds like someone is being a bit vague on purpose. (In reality, the material isn’t mysterious at all, it’s called Tyvek, but lets stay with the cryptic angle for the sake of this write up. Ok, lets continue…) That could just be the paranoia kicking in, though. Because I’ve got this picture in my head that makes no sense at all. There are a bunch of Germans scientist running around in this lab / bunker type thing. There are Nylon curtains all over the place. And they’re wearing doctor’s office paper gowns with the ZigZag Man printed on the front them. I can’t really understand everything that’s coming out of their foreign mouths, but every once in a while I catch, “It’s Recyclable, It’s Recyclable”. Do they roll-their-own cigarettes in Germany? I ask because, well I can’t be sure, but I think they might have been smoking joints too.

Oh I almost forogt, check out more of the bags here.

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