22 Jun
More angry robots comin' atcha!


I’m not on Tim Burton’s nutsack like the rest of the world — I think he’s done some cool shit (Edward Scissorhands, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Cabin Boy), and some pretty boring stuff (Batman Forever, Planet of the Apes), but this 9 looks pretty wicked. One thing: is it me, or is there a bubbling anxiety in the collective unconscious regarding the imminent takeover of the robot race? Is this some form of guilt for our enslavement of the mechanized workforce? Is this similar to what the white man felt before abolition and the civil war? There sure do seem to be a lot of movies with lazer-eyed creatures coming at us…

Cast includes Elijah Wood, John C Reilly and Jennifer Connelly, and it releases on 9/9/2009

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