22 Jun
Hitting LA on June 24


You know who got some of that Scion money? Trouble & Bass, that’s who! At least they’re passing that dough out to some people that deserve it, cos NYC’s Trouble & Bass put on some of the city’s best parties, and head honcho Drop the Lime is stellar — his set at Coachella this past year was among the Sahara’s most talked about mixes. At a Coachella that was seriously lacking in post-set buzz, homeboy saved the day.

So Scion’s putting out a sampler of a bunch of T&B’s tracks, and promoting it with a series of parties in Miami, LA, Atlanta and Austin. I’m not feeling the entire CD, but the tracks by Drop the Lime and AC Slater are especially hot. Download a Trouble & Bass promo mix HERE, and pick up 4 individual tracks HERE (including Drop the Lime’s “Tabac Theme”). You can of course buy the entire sampler off iTunes, but you’re better off going to the shows and picking up a hard copy for free.

Here’s the list of showdates — if you’re in LA, make sure to hit up Wednesday night’s show at the Roxy with DROP THE LIME, AC SLATER, STAR EYES, THE CAPTAIN, INDUCE free w/ RSVP HERE:

June 23: Atlanta

June 24: Los Angeles

June 25: Austin

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