4 Jun
Art Is A Powerful Tool When You Want To Spread A Message


If you’ve ever kicked around the idea of helping others out, look at LA boy Josh Kouzomis (you may know him as Troublemaker) for some inspiration. He recently left lovely Los Angeles and is currently feeding his soul in Africa with the HOPE campaign.  While he’s there he’ll be visiting the slums to teach the art of DJing and production to the kids at the Ghetto Boys Workshop, which pretty much sums up HOPE’s goal: to empower locals artistically by teaching them the skill sets and providing needed equipment. Troublemaker we salute you for getting involved.

We threw a few questions over to Troublemaker before he left LA. Here’s what he had to say.

Have you been to Africa before? And if not, what do you expect when you get there? I have never been to Africa, and did not think I would actually make it there, but I am extremely excited to be going. I am not quite sure what to expect, which I’m into. I know I will be in the city of Nairobi, but I will also be going on a safari. So, I hope to see both sides of the coin.

How did you get involved with the Hope camp? HOPE was looking for the greatest American talent, and I happen to be it.

Why Hope and not some other worth wild cause? HOPE is great because they focus on the arts and media, which means I bring something to the table other than my striking good looks. It is amazing my music has taken me this far; and what is better than to show others how to do the same? Also, I am open to other worth wild causes, except NAMBLA.

Have you donated your time to a charitable project the past? I campaigned for President Obama and participated in fundraisers, as well as playing the Manifest HOPE event in DC during his inauguration.

If you were Lost In A Supermarket, what aisle would we find you in? It’s gotta be the cheese.

Troublemaker Top Ten Travel Albums (in no particular order)

Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers”
Milosh “iii”
Anything by M83
Friendly Fires “self titled”
Pharcyde “Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde”
Pinback “Autumn of the Seraphs”
Telfon Tel Aviv “Fahrenheit Fair Enough”
Micah James “Agoraphobia”
Fleetwood Mac “Rumors”
De La Soul “Are You In?”

If you haven’t peeped Troublemaker’s site, he’s got a lot free music you can download. Have a look around. And oh yea, expect a new Troublemaker album towards the end of July. We’ll bring you more on that as soon as we get some info.

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