21 Jul
Online Pimping in the bordello that is the Streetwear Game


One of the many great things about living in La La Land is the bevy of boutiques and mom n’ pop stores in which to look for dope shit. Whether it’s the stalwarts like Union, Stussy or Undefeated, or smaller indie boutiques like SBL, Barracuda, Blackmarket or Reserve, there’s just never a shortage of locales in which to free your hard earned dollar$ to fly outta your wallet. But such is not the case for most of this great land of ours. When your only choices are the dregs of the retail swamp like Pac Sun, Hot Topic or Forever 21, you’re straight up SOL. Or are you? Actually no, your not, and that’s mostly cos of sites like Karmaloop, Oki Ni, The Glade and others who had the brains and vision to see the internet and think, “Ya know what, maybe this system of tubes can be used to hustle some style. Maybe Little Suzy in Tulsa or Johnny in Shitsburg Montana just might have some taste, and just might wanna get some clothes that don’t have Affliction or Linken Park emblazoned across their chest like an eye test.”

Now, even that kid sitting naked in his bedroom somewhere in Iowa can shop internationally.

Props to Greg Selkoe, the man behind Karmaloop.com, for being one of the first, and hence biggest, of the online pimps in the bordello that is the streetwear game. It’s not easy building something from the ground up — and keep it going in a world where trends come and go as fast as your Internet connection cuts in and out. Speaking of the what’s next to come, Mishka, Beta Unit and Peoples Market are a few new brands that will be popping up in the Karmaloop site, and Society will be doing an extended line for fall. Also getting ready to launch sometime this summer is KLswap, an online marketplace where people can sell their kicks, art, gear…whatever. I’m told it’ll be like eBay but without all the bullshit. KarmaloopTV.com is worth a peep too. They’re adding new shows all the time. Like the upcoming “Global Loop”, which I’m told will take a unique look at world issues like Myanmar and the faltering grip of dumb Republicans. Sounds like good stuff to me.

We played 20 questions with Greg Selkoe to poke the brain of the entreprenuer and tastemaker. Make the jump to read what he had to say about the wackness of Uggs, the weeding of the slumbering economy and the joys of pungent Camembert…

What has been your biggest challenge since launching Karmaloop?
In the beginning it was staying in business. We had to lose a lot of money for many years to start making money! Now we are challenged everyday but in a good way to constantly improve, grow, and stay fresh.

Do you ever feel like technology is working against you? With information and trends moving so quickly, is it harder now to sift through the rack to find something relevant?
Definitely not. New technologies as well as our own innovations are always making things quicker and more efficient while offering a better experience for the customer. Watch when we start dropping our clickable video shit…it is bananas!

What’s the last brand you had high hopes for, but didn’t end up catching on like you thought?
Aaaah come on guys you are killing me, you know I can’t say that…cause they still might catch on.

Ok let’s put it a different way: are there any brands you seriously fell in love with that still retain a lower profile than you expected? Or any you personally feel are on the cusp of greatness?
Crooks and Castles, my homies from LA, are putting it on smash…next few years should be amazing. WeSC is gonna go to new heights in the US.

What do you find most encouraging about streetwear culture right now?
I like the way streetwear is maturing, expanding the look, melding with contemporary looks, getting cleaner, more designy…I think some of the brands are really starting to mature and come into their own.

Like who?
OBEY, Orisue, In4mation, Rocksmith, Married to the Mob and Hellz Bellz.

What do you find discouraging about the streetwear game right now?
Well the economy puts a damper on lines expanding more quickly or new lines starting…but still it looks like the economy is starting to come around again, and tough times do weed out the brands that are weak and gets the brands that should survive to think on their feet and innovate to do more with less.

Is it possible to love fashion, but not love trends?
Yes def. Lots of styles are timeless but trends can be super wack like Uggs or Ed Hardy.

Where do you shop?
Mostly from Karmaloop, sometimes from Marc Jacobs, Louis, Boston and Surface to Air.

Name three fashion icons, to you.
JFK. The man brought smooth style and Jackie O. to the White House (an office which is often filled with Red Neck country bumpkins). Obama is picking up the JFK legacy and doing it proud! Kanye West. Need I say more…dude has just been so influential for the last 5 years. He has married street and highstyle effortlessly. Madonna — if she is not on everyone’s list… that person has been living under a rock.

If we pressed Shuffle on your iPod while you went to the bathroom, what would you be embarrassed for us to find?
“Shake It” by Metro Station.

What two modern day conveniences can you not live without?
My iPhone and the Internet.

Have you driven anyone insane?
All my employees but in a good way. My girl for sure.

What’s the last thing you discovered about yourself?
I am many people all at once and all of them are legit.

What was your last lie?
I said I was 6’3 and I am only 5’8, but at least I no longer fit the suspects’ description.

What turns you on?

What do you fear most?
Boredom and failure.

What is your worst addiction?

How are you spending your summer?
Working straight through…but then again my job is fun and I travel all over the world!

If you were Lost In A Supermarket, what aisle would we find you in?
In the cheese aisle making love to a pungent Camembert.

Here are a few pieces that caught my eye:


Tarina Tarantino
Structured black leather tri-fold wallet purse with magnetic snap closure; contrast metallic gold leather gun stitched on front flap with snakeskin print panel; wallet style interior with 2 slip pockets, multi card holder compartment, and zip coin pocket; comes with removable gold metal chain shoulder strap.


Flud Watches
With a large case containing a basketball rim for a bezel, a custom scoreboard movement and basketball textured bands, you’ll swear you’re on the court, even when you’re off it with this season’s hottest off-court accessory. The Timeout is available for the hardcore hard-court enthusiast in a black basketball band with a black dial resembling more of a scoreboard.

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  1. Greg and Karmaloop are consistantly doing great things. Big ups to the homie Greg.

  2. SAKO94 says:

    Go for it dude! i love him
    also launched PLNDR that gets so many sales for us
    http://www.PLNDRRep.info helps a lot too!

    Rep code: SAKO94 on Karmaloop gets 20% off !!!

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