27 Jul
1 Day. 1 Magazine. Start to Finish. Scratch to Print.


No matter how many designers, photographers, writers or artists you have helping you, the idea of putting together a magazine in a 24-hour period is pretty crazy. I’m damn impressed. I’ve pulled some all nighters in my time, but this is a different beast all together. The team at 24Hour Magazine didn’t just layout the pages in a 24-hour time span, they did everything from the ground up—not a single images or word in the issue existed before June 27th. Just plans, ideas and enthusiasm. Apparently everyone got together at 3 pm (Central Europe Time), on June 27th and delivered finished product at 3 pm on June 28th.  The end product? Well have a look for yourself. They take a lifestyle, fashion, music and design approach. What really has me slack-jawed is the fact that they were able to pull it all together in a day. You can download the first issue here. Or, if you’re a tangible kinda person, you can order a hard copy here. They also have a bunch of videos on Vimeo that take you through the whole process.

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