17 Jul
There’s A Reason Why Baracuta Has Sailed Through The Decades Creating Iconic Pieces


There’s nothing over the top about this Harrington jacket and it’s why I like it. It’s classic, it’s casual and it’s the kind of essential piece that’ll last in your wardrobe for a while. Baracuta founders Isaac and John Miller pretty much stole the show when they released their iconic jacket in 1939. There’s no denying their history. Elvis in the ‘50s rocked ‘em, Steve McQueen, Sinatra and the mod squad took them in during the ‘60s, punk in the ‘70s (even golf ledged Arnold Palmer was down with the steez at that time) and the Clash and the skinheads wore it in the ‘80s. There’s a reason why Baracuta has sailed through the decades creating iconic wardrobe essentials for men—they’ve got style.

The lining in a nice touch:

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