20 Jul
Is Gravity In This Guy’s Dictionary?


Don’t know what rock I’ve been living under, but I just saw the RJD2 video for “Work It Out” this weekend and discovered Bill Shannon (aka “Crutch Master”) in the process. If you haven’t been right there with me, you probably already know about the documentary, Crutch. It’s been available on DVD for a minute now. Filmmakers, Sachi Cunningham and Chandler Evans, followed Bill across the US and around the globe and collected over 200 hours of footage. It took seven years. The end result is a complex narrative about an ambiguously disabled, multi-disciplinary artist who defies both definition and gravity.

Here’s the trailer. This is the first version of the documentary, which includes original footage gathered by the filmakers and select interview footage.

This is the third edit by Sachi and Chandler and features some of Bill’s family.

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  1. Sasha K says:

    Whoa that dude is amazing! Love the part about people saying sorry all the time. Much respect!

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