Instead of Hot Chicks with Douchebags, I believe what we have here is the first Hot Chick Who Is a Douchebag. This is almost a miracle of photography — how does she pull the exact same face in 1247 photos? How is that even scientifically possible? If her lips even remotely resembled the shape of Jesus, I’d call miracle and sell her on eBay. I’m a bit conflicted tho — does it make me a wifebeater cos I want to punch her in her dumb pouty guidette mouth? Yeah, it does? Ok, fine. I’m willing to live with that.

*For extra laughs, pay close attention to the Parade of Chodes this chick parties with. It’s like if an Ed Hardy truck collided into a tanker of self-tanning spray and they rolled into a beauty salon filled with guys getting their eyebrows shaped. It’s so cheesedick it almost hurts.

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